Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dont have one for today

Well, I have been out of blogging for a while. I took a week and spent a few days in Los Vegas and had a blast. My girlfriends and I meet at the airport we all arrived within 30 min of each other and left the same way too. So that none of us had to be alone for long. Oh it was a fun trip. The one and only downer about is was that Bluelady had to be in meetings all day. So she was only able to come with us in the evenings. But what fun we had in the evenings. We say Phantom of the Opera, the lions at the MGM being fed, and saw some drunk women in a bar dance. NO they were not us. There was so much to See and to do I wish that we could have had more time there, more to do, to talk about, to share. I miss Blue and Windy. It was a great trip.

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