Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Life is The Blues

I am watching Blues Brothers 2000 and I know that it is not the one that most people like But I love the Gator Boys at the end. I am not sure but I think that is Charlie Musslewhite playing the harp. I did not see him but it sounded like him. OK so I happen to love blues and blues harp is the best. It is fun to play too.

But that is not what this heading was to have been about. My brother has put in notice for his job, he has not gotten a raise in over a year and the boss hates him. I can understand why he wants to quit but he is staying with me. I don't want to end up supporting him. That might happen if he does not find a job soon.

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Rebel said...

Yo Steph yr way behind on this one lol. You having fun in Vegas???