Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Money Money Money

The state has a surplus of money this year to spend so as they haggle and talk over what is going to be done with this money there are many groups and organizations fighting over it, how to spend it what to spend it on. Much of the state is in need of road and new drainage work. The main city here wants much of the money to be spent on a new basketball stadium for the Sonics. I have never been to the old stadium I doubt that I will go to the new one.

This spending money on a private organization that a majority of the people will never use is in my opinion not a very good idea. The state is also being petitioned by a group that is asking that part of the money be spent on elderly care. This is what I care about this is where I work. I go to long term care places to work and many of them are not up to the standard that most people would put their pet in. I know of places that are loosing money so much to the point that the staff has not had a raise in many year. That the daily food allotment for each person there is $2.49 a day. Can you feed your self 3 meals a day plus a snack if you are diabetic on under $2.50 a day. I know that I can't. Much of the equipment is so old that it costs more in repairs than to buy a new one. However, buying a new bed or lifting machine will take money way from the other needs. It is like in our world of the US. the elderly are forgotten. Lost, not cared for.

Now I will admit that not all places are like this. There are places that have the money, and the staff that cares for the patient. Those are usually nonprofit or are private pay where a semi-private room costs into the thousands a month. Not, many can afford that. So what should we spend the millions on that are hanging about. A building for a basketball team, that already has one that they don't want because it is old. Or, on the elderly.

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