Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Sad

I am saddened by what happened at Virginia Tech. Death, unexpected death is never something that is easy to handle. Even for those who see death on a daily basis it is not easy. My heart and energy goes out to those who are effected by this. I am not one to ask who is to blame, I do not blame the government, the gun manufacturer, the school, or the man's parents. I am one who believes is that soon to be extinct now on the endangered species list. That is Personal Responsibility. There are some exceptions to this thing called Personal Responsibility. I know that the ALL GREAT AND POWERFUL news is saying that the man had some mental health issues, that may be true. It maybe that he gave into the pressure, the anger or whatever it was that was tormenting him. I for one who has gone through a server depression fell sorry for him. I know that he felt alone, misunderstood, angered and very unwell. This is just a tragic event that someone, somewhere will take and run with it to further their own gains. They will just not let the families, friends, loved ones and yes the pets mourn. They want to see the suffering to get others behind them on whatever it is that they think they can best squeeze out of this. That to is sad.


patternjuggler said...

Thanks for my entry in your blogroll. I'm kind of curious though- why?

Nulaanne said...

Why? I might not post about it here but I am an avid reader, and a video game player. I am always looking for good books, and authors that I have not read.