Monday, September 10, 2007

Gay Marriage

Hi all.
There is a debate going on where I work about gay marriage and if it will be made legal here in the state that I live in. I think that it soon will be I don't see where the state is going to have an option in the matter.

Here is why I think that and what has happened to lead me to believe that. The state government has given domestic partners insurance rights. For example: Mary lives with Sally and they have been living together for years, they have a joint bank account set up to cover house hold costs. Mary works for the state under this policy Sally can get on her health insurance at work.

What is now happening is that private companies are following the states lead. This is including the company that I work for. This is a big surprise as I work for a company that is owned by the Catholic church. Now here is why I think that the marriage will pass soon, and it is the only way I can see this working.

Example; Ann is looking for a roommate, her job does not pay well however it has great insurance. Tracy apples for the roommate spot, she has a well paying job but the insurance is not the best. After being roommates for a year, Ann and Tracy talk about insurance and how it has changed. With the domestic partnership Ann can put Tracy on her coverage for less money than what Tracy is paying now. They agree that Tracy will pay Ann the cash to cover her loss in pay and put Tracy on her policy. A few years pass and Tracy is getting married, Ann fills out the paperwork takes her off the policy. No fuss.

Now, if the marriage law were to pass it would make this a lot harder to get into and out of as there would have to be legal proff of marriage to get on the insurance company policy's. I do see insurance becoming a strong advocate for gay marriage as word of this gets out. We, all know that money talks and the company's do not want to loose this money.

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Anonymous said...

hey hun ltnc!!!
did read this on WWFC but got a bit pissed over sunny's reaction so I quiet reading the rest. Gay marriage is legal around here for a couple of years now and most of the people here don't have any problems with it as myself but you know how I tick don't you? Moto: Live and let live!!

Have fun