Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am in a crabby mood

No, it is not that time of the month. That was last week thank goddess. What is doing it for me is the heat. Yesterday, it was 104F here in the great state capital of Washington (for those who are geographical challenged YES there is a WASHINGTON STATE). In the recorded history of WA the highest it had ever gotten was 100F and that was in 1994.

Not that anyone is interested but the blogs that I have listed on this site are not the only ones I read. I have a folder in my Favorites that has about 20 more, some I read daily other weekly.

I want it to cool down, I want it to rain and I want to see my Honey.

See I am alive and will be back when I don't want to whine or wine or whatever...


The Guy Who Writes This said...

Thanks for listing my blog, Darlin.

Anonymous said...

whine away :)

is ok

Anonymous said...

And I have been krabbing because it is too damn cold over here in Ohio. Lets switch.

MarchMoon said...

Hotter than hell in your neighbor of OR too lately

Nulaanne said...

Guy, I love the stuff that you write about and how you write it.

Thank you Lady.

Dragon, I would in a heart beat. Heat is why I don't live in AZ with the rest of the clan.

March, I have heard we both need rain.