Saturday, August 01, 2009

Cash for Clunkers NOT

OK so here is the story my car is a 1999 Plymouth Neon 4 cylinders 2L engine with a 5 speed manual transmission. My car has 192,783 miles on it, the AC is out, the blinkers are out (something in the steering column it is not the light bulbs), I have a bullet hole in it from when I got shot at on the freeway in Massachusetts. It was nearly totaled when hit by a straight delivery truck and almost pushed off a bridge into the Connecticut River when I was leaving Agawam. It by all accounts is a clunker.

Neon's have a life of about 200,000 miles so I called about the Cash for NOT Clunkers and found out that my car that is nearly on its last wheels does not qualify. My car when I bought it got on average 36mpg on the highway and about 28mpg in town. Therefore, as my car gets over 18mpg it is not a clunker.

To me the Cash for Clunkers should have another name like PAY OUT FOR GAS GUZZLERS, or GO IN DEBT FOR BETTER MILEAGE, or TRADE IN YOUR HUMVEE FOR A METRO or something along those lines.


Anonymous said...

There is more scam to it. I found out that dealerships also raised the cost of the cars the extra 3,500 or 4,500 so that they are making the extra money that the government is putting out there for people.

Nulaanne said...

I had not heard that but it would not suprise me at all.

karen said...

That bites. Totally not fair. So, they're helping the companies and not the average person AGAIN. Why does this not surprise me? Ugh!