Sunday, August 09, 2009

OMG Sometimes I Love Just Love My Job

Last week I got to work in the ICU. Most of the time down there it is just work but then there are days like Thursday and I realize that I love it there.

In the first 10 min on the floor even before we got report it was a mad dash scramble. We needed the Doc's NOW. Need to get PTA (PT is patient) intabated NOW NOW NOW. Twenty minutes later we got to get report so now we are about 30 min behind where we should be that is OK, that is manageable. I am doing some quick chart work and I hear one of the nurses start to yell, NOT GOOD.

PTB decided that they were going to wake up and extabate themselves. That does not work. So we all run in there ran start bagging, holding the PT hands so that more of the tubing does not come out. That gets fixed. So while we are in with PTB, PTC decides to pull out the NG tube for the 3 time. There is tube feeding liquid all over the bed, the PT, the floor. After all of that is cleaned up I get word that I am going to be sent up to Med/Surg as someone up there is having a break down.

One of the nurses on Med/surge cannot function without a CNA, she can't even push the buttons on the dinamap to take her own blood pressures. So I am going to be sent up stairs so that she won't have a hissy fit. I truly truly hate working with her, out of the hospital she is OK. At work can everyone say "bossy whiny bitch".

So I am running about the unit trying to get things done that will make it easier on the RNs when I have to go upstairs. Word comes from the house super we are getting an admit, the Unit will be full and closes and I get to stay YIPPEE. New PTD has rule out bacterial meningitis. Oh fun, gowns, gloves, and masks for anything done in that room. It was not bacterial it was viral.

So that was Thursday. Friday I worked med/surge and no BWB was not working. After about 4 hours of running things settle down. Then at the 0200 mark all is settled we hear a gawd awful noise. It was a PT with confusion who pulled out a line that she was getting blood through. Blood everywhere floor, walls, bed, PT. PT was panicking, screaming, and would not let us near to stop the bleeding. What a fun night.

Oh and I realized today that this is over my 200 post mark.


nina said...

Happy 200!

I just started working my externship in a pharmacy in a hospital. I spend very little time on the floor while delivering meds to the PT's rooms. I have so much respect for all of you who have to think and act on your feet.


dykewife said...

happy 200 posts!!

this weekend was boring and dull. but i'll take boring and dull over exciting any day. i've had exciting and it always involves cops, handcuffs and copious amounts of expletives. said...

Congrats on 200 posts! :)

I wish I could type that sentence:

"I love my job." LOL

phd in yogurtry said...

Holy self-extabators, Batman! What a job. I was in a children's hospital with my kid two weeks ago and saw none of that, heard none of that. Thanking my lucky stars.

CJ said...

That sounds like a pretty intense day. I have a lot of respect for folks who can handle taking care of sick people - that's not easy.