Saturday, August 15, 2009

Links I Visit Daily

I don't feel much like posting or doing anything but just to let you know I am alive here are some sites that I visit daily. Most are just so that I can have a laugh. One is for a non profit that I think everyone should do.

OK, so the few I found over at Seismic Twitch a blogger out of Canada. The first one is called Why not, right? it is photos of people and their kids in well just odd photos that make sense to those who took them and posed in them but not to us who see them on the web.

The next is Awkward Family Photos I think the title says it all.

This one makes me wonder where people hide their brains. It is called Not Always Right I do not drink when I read this site. As it is good for more than one laugh a day. It is costumer service when the costumer is wrong or just nuts.

Emails From Crazy People nuff said.

Now for the one that I never ever miss. When I am so sleepy that I can't see straight I still go here on a daily basis. This site was set up by a kid it is now nonprofit and how it works is easy. Go to the site answer the daily question right or wrong you have just donated 10 pieces of dog food to a shelter. It may not seem like a lot but when more and more people click then it adds up. On the page for the dog there is a link to click on that will take you to the feed cat page. The same principle applies. One question, 10 pieces of cat food. It take all of 20 seconds. So go to and help feed a dog and cat.


dykewife said...

if you click on this you can click to donate to alleviate hunger, help women get free mamograms, support literacy by helping to buy books for kids, donate food to shelters and help save the rain forest. just click on the tabs and then click to donate.

and thanks for the mention :)

Hahn at Home said...

Emails from crazy people is one of my favorite sites. I love the chain between the neighbors over the lawn chairs best.