Friday, February 12, 2010

The Eagles and other stuff

I have not been here in a while and I know that as a sporadic poster I can do better. I don't know if I will try or not.

Last week was not a good one. I injured my shoulder at work, and on the 18Th will start physical therapy. The worst thing about this is not the pain or even the worse much worse sudden pain when I sneeze, it that I cannot get any over time. Not to mention that with the pain came good old Auntie Flo, and this time she was in a weepy, self pity mode.

Then to top it off the heater in my car has been sporadic is not working at all unless I get on the freeway. I will one day have to get that looked at. It is really strange the fan works just fine I just don't get any heat unless I am going over 40mph. Whatever...

I am going to be reloading my iportablemusicplayer in a few days so I am loading all of my Cd's onto my laptop. I need a bigger laptop. I am finding a music treasure that I did not know I had.

Also a big thing has happened with Honey and myself, no we have not broken up. We have both come to the conclusion that even if I move down to where she is at we will not be able to be together the way that we want to be. Her mom is well, her mom.

The other big news that I have is that on April 30Th Honey and I are going to see The Eagles in concert. Wooohoooo!!!! I can't wait and all of this excitement is not about seeing The Eagles, most of it is about seeing Honey again. November seems so far in the past.

Time to try and get in a nap.


The Guy Who Writes This said...

With your heater, check to see your water level is good in your radiator. Another un-likely thing is that your thermostat is stuck in the open position.

LSL said...

What a tough week! I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder. The Eagles concert is great to look forward to in the midst of a crappy time :) Hang in there.

Nulaanne said...

Guy I never thought about the radiator. I will check that out in the morning. If it is the thermostatthingy then I will have to have someone fix it for me. Thank you.

LSL I am not much for selfpity but last week I was in the mood for it. Thank you for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

That sucks about your car. My first thought was the heater coil. But yeah, winter time, good thing to have.

Hope things get better for you. :-)