Saturday, February 27, 2010


I need some help from people out there who have had cats before. I am ready to take Mabon back to the pound. I have never had a cat so I don't get what is going on with her and I have had it. She will only use her litter box twice, then if she has to go she will go on the floor. Yes, I do scoop it out every morning, and yes I am using the same litter I have sense I first got her.

If something does not change in a week she will be going back on Saturday. Oh, and she has checked out with the vet. If I catch her going to the bathroom on the carpet she will then again use the litter box.

Oh, and she has checked out with the vet. So, if anyone out there has any ideas at all can you let me know. Maybe, I am just not meant to have a cat.


Camlin said...

My sister had a problem with one of her cats, who wanted to pee on the carpet all the time. She took pieces of old carpet, cut them into litterbox sized pieces, and out them in a shallow litterbox or dishpan next to the cat litter. It stopped the cat from peeing on the carpet, and eventually she went back to the regular litterbox. There was a new baby in the house, and my sister thought that perhaps the cat was acting out of jealousy.

Nulaanne said...

Thanks, that is a good idea but I don't think the apartment managers would like big holes in the carpet.

I do know that one thing she does is pee on the carpet outside of the box then try to flip litter out of the box to cover it up. I am nearly at wits end with her.

downtown guy said...

Some cats are just very picky. Maybe she needs a bigger box or a covered box, a different style of litter. Maybe you need to switch out the whole pan of litter more often or scoop it more often.