Sunday, February 05, 2012

Motel of the Mysteries

I chose to read Motel of the Mysteries for the TBR challenge. I wanted for a short month a short book, and that is what I got. At 95 pages it is the shortest of the books that I have on my list. I did not flip through the pages of the book before I read it so I did not realize that most of the book is take up with illustrations. Without the illustrations, the book would loose half its meaning.

The book is written somewhat like an article and somewhat like a book of history. I know that the main character is Howard Carson, however I thought that the room in the motel was more of the main character.

This is a book is an archaeological discovery of a burial chamber that has not been disturbed. When the book was written in the late 1970's the treasures of King Tuts tomb were making the rounds of the country. This book is a satire on the exploration, and publications of the tombs of Egypt.

It is one of the funniest books that I have read in a while. Carson is so wrong on the majority of his theories that I could not help but laugh. I did think that his description of the Great Alter was spot on, but them I am not a big on for worshiping at that alter.

There was not really a quote out of this book for me.

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