Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Little Happy Geek Brain

I had heard lots about Ready Player One before I got it from the library. With all of the hype, I am not sure that I would like the book. Having said that when in the first three paragraphs the author talks about Gygax and then in the next five chapters Gygax is brought up at least once in a chapter I had to read the thing.

This book is full of 1980's pop culture references movies, music, and games. So that if there are bits in it for everyone. As a gamer and a movie buff I was in heaven. Many of the games that Cline talked about I played, all of the movies I saw, and much of the music I listened to. There were also TV shows that he talked about but I am not a big TV watcher so for me that was just OK.

The ending I have read that some call it a bit of a moral ending. However, knowing how games end the book to me ended a lot like a game. I borrowed this book from the library, and this is going to be one that I add to my collection.

I do not have a quote out of this book, as there are lines from games, movies, and music that I love in there.

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