Friday, May 26, 2006

Memorial day

Memorial Day is fast approching, what does that mean to you? An extra day off, taking the kids to the beach, a trip some where? A picnick in the park, the welcoming of summer? Who are you going to remember? That is what memorial day is for, remembering those who died for those who lived.

In my family there have been members in the service of the United States before there was a US. From the Revolutionary war to the war in Iraq there have been members who have served. Some who have come back to raise families others who died in service. My grandfather lost brothers in World War II. My dad was in the Navy as were 2 of his brothers. Even today there are cousins in Iraq. Each one has in some way bought me my freedom. The freedom to fight, to have a family, to read my Bible and to watch stupid T.V shows if I choose to.

Now those that we remember do not have to be people that we personaly know, or even those who fought. There are and were people who serve but in ways that is not often recognized. Miltary chaplins, cooks, designers, animal trainers, and the list goes on. There are as many jobs for those in service as there are in civilian life.

Then there are the animals that served in the wars. Dogs trained to sniff out bombs, and other explosives. Who remembers them. Yes, there are movies on their lives and deaths too.

So remember that Memorial day is for remembering those who have died for our freedom.

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