Thursday, May 18, 2006

That is what it feels like at work. Walking on black ice. I work in heathcare and here in the states they will tell you that there is a shortage of workers in that field, nurses, physical theapest, ect. What they don't tell you is why there is a shortage. The reason is simple, money. Oh not the pay that the nurses get but what the coperations want to keep. (will refer to the coperation as MJ). Well, MJ gets x amount of dollars for each person, and what help is needed for each person. If they have to be feed, MJ gets more money. Now to keep the money we are staffed with what the state calls "acceptable ratio". 64 patients on night shift gets 2 nurses and 4 nursing assistants (CNA's). Now if there is a fall on the unit because someone tripped or was to weak to walk and tried to anyway MJ looses money. Easy to understand right?


The CNA's and the nurses take the blame for the patient falling. MJ does not look at the condition of the patient (confused, medicated, ect) they look at what this fall is costing them. So instead of adding staff to meet the need of who they have in there. MJ expects that the state knows what they are talking about based on medicare numbers. The numbers don' lie, we are all drones exactly alike right?

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