Saturday, February 02, 2008


In December I went to LV with my girlfriend on the trip back the airport security took my toothbrush and my razor. They took the toothbrush because I had take the battery out of it, and who knows why the took my Gillete Sensor for Women.

I liked that razor it had a soft rubbery handle and was wide so that when it got wet it did not get sleppery. So when I find that I need to replace this wonderful tool that I have had for years all I could find was the Venus. So I bought one, and being me I got the one that vibrates. I did not like it at all. The handle when it got wet became almost impossable to hold onto. I know there are some women out there with smaller hands than what I have but for me with at 5foot 9 and having what is called a large bone structure. The small slippery handle just was not working. Also when I did use the vibrating option I got razor burn. So I thought what the hell, and gave it another shot. Nope same thing diffrent leg.

I then went shopping with a friend and found a Schick that had a wide handle, a gippy handle and cost a good deal less then the other razor. Why when something is working and doing well do companies get a bug up their profet and change what is working to something that is not?

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