Friday, February 29, 2008

This week vs Today

Last week was bad. I worked in a nursing home where on day shift Ihad 14 people to get up for breakfast. Breakfast starts at 745, I getthere at 600. Talk about alot of stress. I mean how can one person dototal care on 10 people (4 could do much of it by themselves) in anhour and 45 minutes. This all includes, potty, washing up, brushingteeth, combing hair, dressing, any equipment they might need, andfilling portable O2 tanks. It is not possable. To get all of thisdone in under 2 hours leaves alot of care out. Plus in Washingtonstate it it illegal for a CNA to fill to O2 up. However the nurses refuse to do it. So the patients get O2 or not. I am not ever goingback there again.

Some of you know that I have a Honey. Well, the other day we weretalking and I was told I needed to go to the beach to relax. I wouldhave loved to have gone to the ocean but as gas is so HIGH, and Iwould have to be back to get the boy I only went to the state park.Getting out into nature was what I needed Honey was right. This iswhere I went, the picture is not all that great but the park waswonderful. One day I will get a digital camera and get pics that Iwant up here.

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Tammy said...

Hello, I am a complete stranger to you, but was searching for others interested in Wicca and came across your blog....Anyway.....good for you on getting out in nature, it does wonders for the soul.