Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gay bar and Me

This Tuesday I went to my first gay bar. I did not go looking for love or a roll in the hay. I went to see what is was all about and what they had to offer. I went butched up, as I felt more confident that way. Jeans, black t-shirt, white unbuttoned dress shirt, and my leather bomber jacket. I went with a friend I use to work with she went for the Karaoke.

We were carded upon entering and the place looked like a "normal" bar. Stage, dance floor and booze. I was drinking double shots of tequila, H was drinking some fruity thing. We talked and looked around and listened to some good and some bad singers. At about 1am when the place started to empty out a dyke came up to me and we danced to a song. Now I have told Honey all about this so don't worry she knows. The girl was not a bad dancer, however she was so drunk she could hardly talk and she was a smoker. Thank Goddess, it was only one dance. All the spinning was making me dizzy and not from the tequila. H got me something to drink called a cherry bomb. Turns out that had Red Bull in it and after several weeks of High Fructose Corn Syrup free, all that sugar made me ill.

Yes, I know it was the HFCS. I developed shakes, then later that night diarrhea. A Dr. I know said that if you are not use to eating HFCS when you have some again it does give you loose stools. That is good to know if I ever get constipated. Just have a soda and clear it all up.

Just about two weeks until I see Honey again and boy do I have plans for that. No, you can use your own imagination on that.

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