Tuesday, February 24, 2009

LDR, Work and Food.

I know that there are some great things about being in a long distance relationship (LDR). One of the great things is that we talk when we can about all kinds of things. It has I think opened up a line of communication that might not be there if the relationship was not LD. She can't see unless I show her how messy my house is at the moment. For right now I think that is it about the good things about being in a LDR. No, I am not going to whine about it again, at least not for a while.

I applied for and might possibly have a job a "real" job at a local hospital. I do have a job now but it is one that has me spoiled in many ways. With my current job I don't have to worry about getting permission to take time off for anything. With the new one I will. That makes me feel like I'm in Jr High and need a pass to go and pee.

There are some good things about this new job. I know for some it would be that I am actually going to work full time and have a regular paycheck. Nope, I with in 30 days get benefits. Woohoo!!! I will have medical and dental and possibly optical. I am not sure what they are and what they are not but that will make some people happy.

The other good news is that I will be working 12 hour NOC's. 1900 to 0730 back on nights full time. Oh, I love working nights, not a lot of admins, therapists, family about. Work can actually get done.

So tonight as I am up all night again. I have made spaghetti sauce, it should be done at about late afternoon. The longer it simmers and cooks the better it tastes, then what I do as I make 6 quarts of the stuff. I freeze it. The recipe is from my grandmother and she got it from an old Italian man. Why he gave it to an Irish woman I will never know. I can tell you that for one batch it takes 8 cloves of garlic and 8 med onions. Oh, it smells so good cooking away.


Awake In Rochester said...


I found you at Sweet Melissa's Place. I notice that we have a few of the same people on our blog reading list.

I am a Christian, lesbian, and a CNA. Do we have a thing or two in common?

I hope that you get the job you want. I work for an agency and work has dried up so I'll have to get another job. I love working nights!

Best of luck with your LDR. I hear that they are not easy.

Real Italian spaghetti sauce recipe? Any chance I can get that recipe? ;)

Nulaanne said...

I could give you the recipe but I would have to get my uncles permition to do so.

It does sound like we have a thing a two in common.

I hate how work has dried up, but I know one day that will change again.