Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cars, Pagans

Sunday, my car did something mean to me. It decided that while I was driving her, she was going to loose a break shoe. Of course it did not fall off on the road, it wedged its self under the other break shoe. That means eekkkk STOP!!!! when I did not want to stop. I was going. The good news was that I was in a parking lot going about 5 mph and not on the freeway where I was heading. I had to have the car towed and that took some cash, then new breaks, then more cash is gone. But I now have my car back.

Pagans, are meeting tonight at the library for a lets so who is out there gathering. I think I am going to go and see what I can learn. It might be intersting.

No, still no computer, I am at the library I did find the one that I want and right now it is under $500.oo the thing is I don't have that what with the car and other normal expences. Oh well. Ta for now

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