Friday, October 19, 2007

First Storm

Unfortunately I cannot up load the pictures to here from the computer the library has a system that blocks that. We had a nice little storm Thursday, it took out trees, power lines, and other things. Most of the damage was from falling trees. There was one right near my bedroom that fell onto a carport, if it had fallen at the other angle it would have gone into my bedroom. Yes, I was home when it happened, no I did not hear it. I was sound asleep in bed. I must have been knocked out. The tree was a blue spruce very pretty, now someone has fire wood. Oh well.

I have been working out of town, and that has been ok as my kid has not needed me to get him to school. The thing that is bad about it was that the morning of the storm there were so many accidents on the freeway that it was a parking lot. Well, at least I-5 was I don't know about the others I was not on them. It was not the storm that caused all the accidents, the storm hit after 11am. The accident that caused me the most problem was in Tacoma over the Payallup River. It was a long haul truck. That one I got to go 2 miles in an hour and a half. AND it was the one place there were no exits from the freeway. So by the time I got to an exit I was past the blocked part of the freeway. Oh and the accident was all cleared up by the time I got there. What fun.

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