Friday, October 26, 2007

Nothing to do

This week I have had nothing to do. Well, not really I could have baked or cleaned the house but was not in the mood for it. I did get a bunch of reading done some intersinting some not so. I am still waiting for Lipstick and Dipsticks book to get to my book store but it might not get there. That means getting it on line. I would rather buy it at a store than online but if I have to get it that way I will.

I have also gotten some cross stitching done. Not enough to start a new project but I am almost done with one I should have finished up months ago. Just me being lazy.

The reason for all of this inactivity is no work. Both my jobs have not needed me at all. Now with the weekend here I hope that changes. I need money.

As for my love. O how much I love my love. I know sappy but true.

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