Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I could write about California and Prop8, I could write about Ref 71 here in Washington state. However, there are so many others out there who are so elegant at putting into words the thought and feelings about what is going on that I will leave it up to them.

There has been a great upheaval in my household. I knew that this day would be coming, I just thought that it would be in September. My brother who has been my roommate for about 5 years now is moving to Arizona. The reason for now is that he has a great opportunity for a job down there, so I don't blame him one bit on this. So he is now leaving in June. What that means for me is that I have a choice to stay here or go there.

I won't have any family up here that is less than 2 hours away. I will be on my own. I am a little bit afraid not of being on my own but of getting into a depresses state. One where I just work and do nothing else. I am looking into taking classes, and finding other things to do. I wish that here in Oly there was a GLBT group that met on a regular basis. I would have to go to Tacoma for that and I drive to much for my job as it is.

I have thought about starting up a book club one that is not as structured as the ones I have tried to belong to in the past. This may be the time to do that. Now I have to go and make cinnamon rolls.


Anonymous said...

hugs to you

Honey said...

If you can start a book club, why not a local LGBT group? There are probably others who would also like to have a more local gathering place...

Nulaanne said...

Thanks Lady.

Honey I love you.