Sunday, May 03, 2009


My best friend,(who is also Honey's best friend) who lives in New Jersey has been for several weeks has been ill. She has Lupus and so will when stressed out get flair ups where she is in pain and just not feeling well.

A few weeks ago she went through something stressful and we all thought that she was having another flair up. Last Wednesday after going to the Dr. it has been determined that she has a kidney infection, pleurisy, and the flu. They sent her home with antibiotics for the infection, and a refill on some of her other meds.

The Dr. sent off her flu to be tested and it came back from the CDC as being H1N1. So she is feeling much better. The infection in her kidney is getting better and she is having an easier time breathing. It seems that the flu is not bothering her at all it is the other two infections that are bothering her. I am glad that she is getting better.

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