Monday, March 07, 2011


I read Angeloloy by Danielle Trussoni last week. It was not what I thought it was going to be, I was disappointed in the ending, and in several part of the plot. The book was longer where it should have been shorter, and shorter where it should have been longer. Most of the book is looking for a lyre, the first clue set in modern times take quite a while to figure out, and I don't even think it was figured out. After that it was almost as if the author handed the instrument to the ones looking for it.

I also thought that there would have been more Catholic mysticism in the book. I do think that this would have been a good book if I did not have other of this type of treasure hunt to compare it too.

The book was split up into current times and the 1940's. I would have liked to have had more written about the school and what had happened in the 1940's compared to the current times. Evangeline, the protagonist, I thought needed to have been more developed as a character. The fact that she did not question anything that was or had happened to her is not realistic.

This is not one that I would reread, nor would I recommend it to those who have an interest in mythological treasure hunts.

As for my library loot, out of the 10 books I picked up on Saturday, I have 4 left to read. Forced inactivity is good for something.

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