Friday, October 07, 2011

Graveminder for R.I.P

I read this book for the R.I.P challenge. I first saw this book this cover at the bookstore reading the back of it made me want to read more of the story. I went to the library to see if they had a copy and they had several however I would have been number 200 in the hold queue. Wanting to read it more than wait for it I bought a copy for my Nook. Having read the book I wish I would have waited to get it from the library.

I read a lot of other reviews that said the book was wonderful, that it was a great read. It was easy to read, it was easy to follow, and to stick with. I liked the premise of the book, a person to tend the graves to make sure all was taken care of and not forgotten. I liked the roll of the Undertaker as a protector. I liked the idea that if the dead were not cared for, the dead would not be happy.

What I did not like was the focus on the relationship of the Undertaker and the Graveminder. I know that their relationship had to be defined but all of the lovey dovey stuff could have been skipped over. I know this is just me, I do not like to read romance disguised as something else. If I want to read a romance I will pick a romance. I was very disappointed in that aspect of it. If she had kept the book focused on the story of the dead, and their ilk. I would have enjoyed it more.

For this book I have no quotes as nothing seems to have struck a cord with me.

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