Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Solo said...

My friend, CJ, who lives in New England, was kind enough to text me a photo of the changing foliage in her area. She knows that this awful drought has devastated Texas and every single thing here that was once green is now dead.
I really enjoyed seeing your pic, too! Thanks!

MakingSpace said...

Thank you!!!!!! I got a week of fall two weeks ago, visiting family and friends. It was so beautiful I wanted to just stay forever. I cried every day for 10 days after I came back. So thank you for this lovely photo!!

Nulaanne said...

Solo, I know how bad the drought is. I have familiy in Texas. I will see if I can get some shots of the glowing leaves for you. When I lived in Northampton Mass. I misses the glowing fall leaves the most.

Making, you are welcome. My son, and family all live in AZ, and I can't leave here. I love the seasons.