Monday, October 17, 2011

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      On Saturday Honey and I went to Santa Rosa. We were going there to see the Handcar Regatta a steampunk, handcar race. When we got there it was the wrong day. The Regatta was set for Sunday, so we walked around the town and got a cup of coffee. Then on Sunday we went back. We left early to get a good parking place, and it was a good one. Covered just a few blocks away, and people were there in costume. However, we had gotten there almost 45 min early so what to do with nothing open. We walked to the mall and got a coffee.

     The first booth we saw in the gated area was the doll booth. My doll was there and she was the most beautiful one there. The man had made day of the dead dolls, vampire, and a few that were dismembered. We left the dolls and wandered about the Regatta. There were food booths, jewelry booths, hat booths, and clothes.

     The innovation of the costumes was truly amazing. There was one man there who had taken an old canister vacuum and was using it as a back pack. One woman whose husband designed and built her a mechanical owl who's head turned. The thing about this event that I found the most interesting was the ages of the people. The ones in costume ranged from little kids up to people whom I assume were in their 70's.

     The handcars were not just simple handcars. I think one of the events was design, oh and there were some neat ones. A swan, an inch worm, the time machine, and many others. Each team had an outfit that matched their car, or matching tee-shirts. It was such a fun day.

    As we were leaving my doll was still on at the booth. I debated and debated about getting here. I was going to get one that was less than half her price. Honey, got the doll for me for my birthday. So now she sits on the table next to my fountain. I am going to have to put her in a glass cabinet soon. I don't want her to get to dusty.

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