Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Library Loot, not Wordless Wednesday

I have not done a library loot in a long time. This is because I have been trying to change my reading habits and I think I now have it. I was getting 6 or more books out at a time, and just having three weeks to read them in was not enough time. So, I have limited myself to one or two books from the library at a time. I am trying to work it so that I have one book half finished or ready to go back when  I pick up the next book.This way I will have read something that I want to while not tying up books that others want to read.

 So this week I have gotten the book Downpour A Graywalker novel by Kat Richardson. This is the sixth book in the set so far. I have read a few others and like them very much, one reason is that they take place in Seattle or the surrounding area. And as I live in the Northwest I have been to many of the neighborhoods, and touristy places that she talks about.

I also know that today's post should be a Wordless Wednesday one. However, today we had a meeting at work that did not get out until 9am. That may not seem bad to a lot of people but, 9am is my bed time so while the is going up at the end of Wednesday for many people. I have slept and think it is a day a head of where the rest of the world is at. This does happen to be common among the other night nurses I work with as well. So next week there will be a Wordless Wednesday post, and hopefully a Library Loot one too.


Linda said...

I saw Kat Richardson at the NW Bookfest a few weeks ago. She's very funny in person. I've only read the first in the Graywalker series but it was good. I really should continue the series.
I hear you about taking out more books than you can read at the library. Thankfully I'm usually able to renew whatever book I haven't gotten to/finished yet.

Nulaanne said...

Hi LInda,
That was so neat that you got to see her. One day I will have to make the drive up the the Bookfest.

I try to read books that are written by local authors, with local settings. It is thrilling to know I have been there or I can go there.

Anonymous said...

It definitely takes discipline to only sign out the library books you have time to read, rather than all the ones you want! That's a balance I'm still trying to work out. Enjoy your pick for this week!

Nulaanne said...

Cap, no kidding. I have a list longer than both my arms and legs lined up. But, after getting 10 out that I had to wait over 5 months for and only getting 3 read before they were due. I thought I would rather get ones to read, than just look at.