Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I don't often do meme's but this one looked like fun so I stole it from Tina. It was not as fun as I thought it would be it took me hours to get the pictures here. I still can't move them to where I want them.

The Rules: Type the answer to the following questions into Google Image, then pick from the first page.

Age at my next birthday:

Place I'd like to travel:

Place I've been:

Favorite food:

Place I was born:

Place I live:

Name of past pet: (he is current I could not find a pic of last pet name)

Best friend's nickname:
(this is another name for my Honey)

My first name:

First job:


Tina-cious.com said...

mmmm secretary... :D

Nulaanne said...

Actualy it was assistant secetary but when I typed that in all I got was pictures of old government guys. eeeeewwwwww

pat said...

Your first name is "Hot with great boobs?"


Nulaanne said...

That Pat, is what my girlfriend says. Though I think she is the hot one.