Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wacko's weather, and other things

OMG! I am not going to post the name of the group that is going on and on about getting something up at the capital that talks about Santa and hell. Now, I knew that these cult like, picketing, people were crazy but now I know that they are nuts. I really really wished that they had gone to Canada where with their signs they would have all gotten jail time. Anyway, as I am not mentioning the wackos by name here is an article from a local paper about what they are trying to do.

Weather, we are now under a winter storm warning. What that means for us, is a sudden drop in temperature, rain/snow, snow, high wind and if we are lucky we will still have power in the morning. They keep changing when this storm is to get here but the last I heard was 2200 tonight. That is why I am blogging now so that I can.

I did work today, woohoo. Well, kind of. Today I worked at the hospitals Hospice House. I don't mind that kind of work but going from working with one patient to 5 was hard. It is a nice place to work, everyone there tries to make the passage from this world to the next as easy as possible.

Yes, I do believe in an after life. It might not be what we expect in fact I think that the Wackos will be totally surprised at what is there.

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