Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Trip and missing Honey

I know I should write more than I do, but there are times when I am to tired to write or even think. This past weekend I went to Portland, and for dinner we all went to Kenny & Zukes for dinner. All I have to say is yummy. My uncle and I split Ruben's he ordered the pastrami and I went for the Corn Beef. Then he had half of mine and I had half of his.

Spent some time with the puppies they are now 6 weeks old and a handful. For some reason the computer is not loading pictures so on my next day off when I am not swamped with things to do I will get my laptop to the library and post some.

Today I went birthday shopping for Honey, what I got her will have to stay a secret until she gets them. What I want to get her is not what I got her. I would love to take her away for the weekend and just be with her. But, that is not possible. I miss her so much that it hurts, I know that long distance relationships are not easy, but I did not expect this hole inside me. It also does not help that I have been working a lot of evening shift so that talking to her is not happening every night and that makes the missing her harder.


Jennie said...

((hugs)) on the ldr. my relationship, which has felt like a 3 ring circus at times, may develop into a ldr and i can't even begin to think about it yet.

Hang in there!

Nulaanne said...

It won't be much longer HOPEFULY until we were together. I am going to move south this summer if all goes well.