Thursday, November 17, 2011


I read Downpour by Kat Richerson last week. This is the 6th in the Greywalker series, I started reading them not because of the plot, characters, or because they are paranormal. I read them because they are written by a Seattle author and the setting is in Seattle. I love to read books that are written about an area that I have lived in or do live in. That is why I started the Greywalker books.

I enjoy the story, the plots, and the characters. The protagonist is a woman by the name of  Harper Blane. Harper is a PI who was a normal PI until she dies. There are several boyfriends, and one Chaos I mean ferret. Enough background.

Downpour takes place out side of Seattle in the Olympic Peninsula. Aside from the setting this one is a bit different than the others. The mystery was more focused on the supernatural than on the real world. I missed the real world mystery that was in this book. Having said that it was a good quick easy read.

I like the use of the boyfriend, and the ferret in the books. Chaos is a great comic relief from stealing shoes to trying to take on creatures bigger than she is. There is a current boyfriend who is a bit of a mystery him self. Harper and the boyfriend have an interesting relationship. I love the way that the relationship is written out. It is a part of the story, however the romance is not the focus of the books. Harper's dealing with and in the Grey are the focus of the books.

I will read the next one when it comes out.

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