Thursday, November 24, 2011

Oh The Fates

Happy Thanksgiving all.

I thought that today  might be a quiet day. A day of sleeping then work, but the fates had other things in mind. My plans for a Thanksgiving meal is a simple one. A sandwich, or a bowl of chili. Not happening.

I went to work and instead of working the floor, I am working the desk. The first phone call I get is from a nurse that I worked with and still wish I work with. She asked me what my plans are for Thanksgiving, and I told her that I am going to work. So she invited me over to get a plate of food to take to work. YummY!! Not knowing how the night was going to go I told her that if I get up in time I would be over.

The second phone call was from an ICU nurse. She asked to speak to KJ one of the nurses on our floor. KJ then runs over and tells me she needs to speak to the charge nurse. KJ has brought a turkey in for all to share. ICU Nurse has brought something to cook the bird. Who knew that bringing a turkey fryer to the hospital is a fire hazard. Who knew that they would not be able to cook the bird there. I mean its not like deep frying a turkey is dangerous. (Insert Sarcasm Sign Here)

So KJ tried to get Charge Nurse's adult kid to come get the bird and cook it. No go. So then she calls SR a nurse who had been cancelled to come get the bird and cook it. SR had never cooked a turkey before so she said that she would get a few rotisserie chicken and bring those in. WooHoo!! Food!!

Nope.. SR calls after an hour or so and asked me what she should do. There are no rotisserie chicken to be had. The choices are deli meat or chicken wings from a pizza joint. After I stopped laughing I transferred her call to KJ to make the call. KJ told SR to get whatever was easiest. So our early morning Thanksgiving meal had Domino's Pizza chicken wings.

As for the 12 lb turkey that did not get cooked. KJ did not want it she has a larger one at home to cook. So now I am cooking a turkey.

Not bad for being only 6am my time. Can't wait to see what happens tonight when I go into work.

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8thdayplanner said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you. And to all those who work on Thanksgiving to take care of others.

Thank you.