Sunday, November 06, 2011

Some Personal Stuff

I don't often post things about me. I talk about books, movies, the cats, what the weather is doing. Part of the reason I do this is my job. Working in a hospital I have to abide by HIPPA laws, patients rights and all of that. I can when I talk about work say that I had a "good" or a "bad" night. I can say that I had X number of patients, or that I got sent home early. Not very good for a conversation.

I could brag about my kid. Though he is not much more of a kid, he is going to be 20 at the end of the month. I could tell all the stories of his life, and embarrass him to death. That might be lots of fun.

I could talk about cooking, how tonight I made my first ever batch of pastes, and will later work on apple crisp.

I could talk about my Honey. How much I miss her, how I miss the things that we could have. She and I have been in a long distance relationship for about 5 years now. Not a a few hundred miles apart, but states apart. Yes, she is well worth it. On days like today though I miss what we have when we are together, and what we could have if we were closer together. I miss coming home knowing that we have about 30 minutes before she has to leave for work, cooking together, lazy days on the couch, busy days running errands. Touches as we pass in the hall, or coffee on the porch. Is it possible to miss things that you do not have?

Personal stuff, that is what it is. Just some of it not all of it, just some.


8thdayplanner said...

Is it possible to miss things that you do not have?

Of course. You wouldn't miss them if they were in your everyday life. . . In fact, you would probably take them for granted. . . And then you wouldn't appreciate them as much as you should.

It's a gift to be able to recognize and miss the good things in your life.

CJ said...

Five years is a testament to the strength of your relationship. Hoping one day the miles between are not so distant.

Nulaanne said...

Hi you two, thank you both.