Sunday, January 22, 2012

Storm Aftermath

Can you see the car?

How about now?

Just snow.

See the shiny? That is ice over the snow.

Now can you see the car?

Smooshed Car port.

Can you see the car from my bedroom window?

That was such a pretty tree.

Smooshed car port with tree.

About 20 min after I took these picture we lost power. It was out for just a few days not bad really. I do keep things on hand for power outages. Lights, camp stove, extra blankets, two warm cats, and if the water is lost I have 5 gallon jugs of water that I keep filled. The only thing I missed was a hot shower. There are still places in the county without power, and they think it might be the middle of the week before it is all on.

We did get about 14 inches in abuot 5 hours. That is a  lot of snow. These picture were taken the day after the storm.
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MakingSpace said...

I'm glad you're OK. Stay warm.

8thdayplanner said...

I find there's something very cozy about a storm like this. Particularly how a community will come together to dig out and repair.

Not so such fun is the loss of power for any extended time, and the damage. I'm sorry about your car and carport and beautiful trees. I do hope insurance will help take care of some of it.

My recommendation - lots of hot chocolate with marshmallows and a good book.

Nulaanne said...

Hi, I am staying warm. I have lots of stuff for weather like this.

That was not my car. I don't know who it belonged to. I do know that they parked it there. Went inside, and 10 min later CRASH.

Hot chocolate, book yes.

You can keep the marshmallows. :D

Gavin said...

Hot chocolate, book and cats!