Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ursula, Under and Snow

Snow, snow, we have gotten a few inches of snow in the past few days. Not bad really, that is usually all we get in a year. It is here for a day or two, then gone. A wonderful thing. I got a few great pictures of a few inches of snow. Having said that, I really really hope that the weather forecasters are wrong. I really hope that they are wrong. It is now Tuesday morning at 3am by Wednesday night we are to have 14 inches. FOURTEEN INCHES, the papers are saying that the roads should be impassable by tonight. I don't know what that means, does that mean at 4pm or sometime toward midnight?

Oh, well will find that out tonight.

This weekend, I finished Ursula, Under by Ingrid Hill. I do not often read fiction that is not fantasy, so the Orange Reading Challenge IS a real challenge for me. What makes it a challenge is that I deal with real life problems at work, and in my free time, I would rather deal with giant bugs eating people, unicorns, dragons, and knights. I did like Ursula, Under.

The book was written in the now, and in the past. Sometime centuries in the past. Each chapter could have been its own short story that led to the outcome of little Ursula. Ursula, running after a deer, falls in a hole and needs to be rescued. Each chapter tells the tale of the ancestors who came before her and the actions that led to her being alive. It is an interesting way to look at what it takes to create a person.

I would recommend this book, to any who are interested in family history, and the possibilities of the past leading to the now.

Quote from page 237..
"It becomes more and more apparent that she is not merely neurotic, eccentric, unpleasantly quirky: it is clear that the queen has gone over the falls in a fragile bark, left the river of sanity, and gone adrift in the open sea."

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8thdayplanner said...

I hope you have survived the snow.

This book recommendation looks very interesting to me. I am putting it in the queue.