Monday, October 20, 2008

8 Against 8

I have not gotten political on my blog before. I have tried not to, there is enough out on the net without my saying anything. On this I am going to get political. Honey and I in June got engaged, I asked her to marry me when we were on vacation. I live in Washington state, where Deno Rossi has stated that if he gets elected Governor he will veto a marriage bill, and try to roll back existing protection for GLBT. Honey lives in CA. I am going to move down there in the summer and then eventually we will get married.
I want to marry her more than I want to get a fully loaded 2009 Dodge Challenger.
So from October 20 to the 27Th. 8 bloggers are trying to raise $8,000. This sight 8 Against 8 or any of the blogs listed below can link you to where to donate. They are not asking for everything that you have $1 will help.

Grace Chu and Grace Rosen - Grace The Spot
Lori Hahn - Hahn At Home
Kelly Leszczynski - The Lesbian Lifestyle
Dorothy Snarker - Dorothy Surrenders
Pam Spaulding - Pam’s House Blend
Renee Gannon - Lesbiatopia


Hahn at Home said...

Thanks! We love the plug~

As of today we are nearly halfway there.

I know you all up there can appreciate what we're going through down here and any help you can give is more than appreciated.

I've also updated on several other states having their own queer issues today at my place.

deborah oak said...

thanks for writing about this... I will try to figure out how to post it on my blog. I am getting married on the 2nd of November and we are registered with Against Prop 8.

Nulaanne said...

Deborah what a great way to register. I would have never thought of that.

Lori plugs are great. I have done what I can I wish I could do more.