Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have decided that with all of the talk about politics and just how serious things are getting in the news that I would change things here for a bit. I thought about telling a ghost story but I want to write it out, get it right before I tell it. Then I thought about a joke of some sort and realized that I am not good at telling those either.

So tonight I went shopping, I needed just a few things. I used the self check out as I had gotten under 5 items and it was close to closing time. I got some cleaning supplies, 2 bottles of water as my brother and I were thirsty, and ice cream. The cleaning supplies, ice cream all scanned well. The water we had to enter in the UPC code. After typing the code into the machine it spoke phonetically. I thought that I was going to pee.

The machine sounded like something on Sesame Street. It said "put the Waaaateeer in the bag." Waaaateeer. Drawing out the vowels making sure that I understood that I needed to bag my waaaateeer. Not my ice cream or my cleaning items my waaaateeer.

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Anonymous said...

The HAL 9000 computer can be shorted out by water so it didn't like you waving it around.