Monday, October 27, 2008

8 and Movies

Thank you to everyone who donated, and read, and posted about 8 against 8. I don't know what the total is but I do know it is more than $8,000. Woohoo!!

Now on the the topic that is going around work this week. What should I bring to a Halloween potluck? I want to take something so that they won't ever ever forget me. I was thinking lung cancer cake or something equally nasty with out all the work.

Speaking of nasty, one of the things at work we have been talking about is scary movies. I love a good scary movie. I don't mean a gory one filled with blood and guts and oozy things I see that at work all the time. Gory movies are not scary or entertaining they are more like a bad documentary. I am not allowed to watch them with family anymore. My family sits around and says things like "eewww" or "what is that?" They really don't like it when I say "That evisceration with the chain saw was not deep enough to show the kidneys. Oh, and where are the reproductive organs? Movie makers seem to forget those." Gory movies are like a bad day when I was an EMT.

I want movies that are scary enough so that at night when in bed alone every little noise from the fridge starting up to the car alarm 5 doors down makes me want to get up, turn on all the lights, shove a holy book under my bed, and have a death grip on a baseball bat until the sun comes up. That is the kind of movie I want to see. I do think that the movie studios have quit making them.

Some of the ones that I like that are hard to find on DVD are... Watcher in the Woods, The Cat People (1942 version) , and The Haunting (1963). What are some of yours?

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Hahn at Home said...

Our grand total for 8 days of fundraising was $13,759! That's not pledges, that's actual cashola, baby!

Thanks to everyone who supported the effort. And, there is still time to donate through