Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The de Young

On the 28th of September Honey and I went to the de Young for the last day of the Chihuly exhibit. She drove me up to the headlands so that I could see Golden Gate Bridge, and the city that way. We stopped for some alone time there. Then drove into the park or I should say tried to. It turns out that it was opening day for another museum there. First day is free, weee!!

Not good for us. We had tickets for 2pm after about an hour of looking for a parking spot we drove though the park to find one. There was a line of people running up the road. Honey did drop me off so that I could get our tickets and start the tour while she kept looking for a parking space.

We learned on Sunday that the line of people was over a mile long. They had to call in EMT's as people kept passing out. The museum was letting in 500 people an hour and at the end of the day over 50,000 people when through those doors. When I got home I did look up online the price of the museum ticket one adult $26. I think it would be worth the $26 to get in on a less crowded day.

Anyway, I did get some good shots of the glass that Chihuly had on display there. These are just some of the pictures that I got. I am going to have to figure out how to move the pictures where I want them one day. Then one day I am going to have to figure out how to get some of the wicked cool templates that I see on other blogs.


Sinnerviewer said...

I went to see Chihuly's exhibit a few years ago when it was at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. His works were throughout the gardens and it was truly amazing and very artful. This guy has major talent!

Sonya said...

I LOVED the exhibit. My 15-year-old brother was visiting from Montana when we went to see the exhibit and we had to practically tear him out. ...he would have stayed all day. I thought the videos about how Chihuly's team all worked together were reallly treat - good inspiration for a 15-year-old!

Nulaanne said...

I don't know if the Boy would have been thrilled with the exibit or not. He is more into the natural musuem. Honey keeps trying to get me to go to the Glass Musuem in Tacoma. I don't want to go without her.