Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Laundry

Today was laundry day, the only thing I like about doing it at a mat is that in an hour and a half all of it is done. What I don't like is dealing with all of the people. Most of the time they leave me alone and let me do my cross stitching. Sometimes I get questions on what I am doing or making, when they find out it is stitching their eyes glaze over and they walk away.

Sometimes I will start up a conversation, but I have to be in a chatty mood to do that. I think the last time I started a conversation was a week before the election. I see doing my laundry at a mat as a personal time.

Today however, there was a family in there and I would have liked to slap the parents about the head with a common sense stick. Mom and dad doing laundry and a bright boy about 2. He ran all over the place opening the machines if they were running or not, wandering off outside, then talking to a stranger. Now to me all of these at that age are unacceptable. Playing with the equipment there I understand, the kid is curious. When his parents would tell this little boy not to do something or to mind them he would say quite clearly "F**k off". Guess what mom and dad did, give up. They laughed.


dykewife said...

yeah, it's always cute to hear a kid cuss like a sailor.

we call your common sense stick a "clue by four". i've been wanting to whack a lot of people with that lately.

Hahn at Home said...

Licenses - that's what parents should have to get in order to "procreate."