Saturday, November 29, 2008

Years Past

Today the 29Th is my son's birthday, he is 17 now. The years just go by so quickly. So today I was thinking about him and some of the things that he has done over the years that make him who he is.

First there is Boo's Box, my cocker spaniel had a box. It was his bed, his safe place and if I was lucky I could get his blanket out to wash it every once in a while. When the Boy was nine months old he was bound and determined to see what was so cool in the box. He had already checked out the dog food, and water dish, now it was time for the box. The only thing is Boo was in the box. The Boy crawled over to the box reached in grabbed Boo's long ears and started to try to pull him out of the box. Boo was not having that, he did not bark, growl or show teeth. He pulled back. It was going to be an epic tug of war, who would win the Boy or the dog. Neither, I won. I picked the Boy up.

When the Boy was three we had taken him to Costco and he fell asleep in the car. Getting him out of the car woke him up. He was not quite awake enough to walk so my brother was caring him. It was December and the store had a Santa outside handing out candy canes. The man came up to my brother and said, "little boy would you like to have a candy..." Before he could finish his sentence the Boy punched him right in the nose. He has always hated Santa, there will be more on this if I remember to post about it.

When he was four he was enrolled in karate. He was in it up until he got his green belt. However, when he was six he used it for the first time. He and my brother were roughhousing. My brother kept picking him up and tossing him on the couch. The Boy said "stop" several times. Bro of course did not listen to him. So what did the Boy do? A round house kick, got my brother right in the knee. Dropped him like a rock. The Boy was standing over him crying "I did not know it would work, I didn't". R was on the floor rolling about holding his knee. I like a good mother and a good sister was laughing my a$$ off.

So Happy 17Th Kid.

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Jennie said...

Happy Birthday to your Boy!