Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tequila Suprise

When I go out drinking Tequila is my drink of choice. I love to have it plan in a glass, just a shot or a double shot. I know that there are all kinds of other ways to drink Tequila, there is the Sunrise, the Margarita, Acid Trip, and many others. Now there is a new use for Tequila. I would have never thought about that.

Thank you Dr.'s however this better not cause a Tequila shortage.


JaneyRuth said...

Tequila can also be used to run your car....in a pinch. Always keep a bottle in the trunk.


Nulaanne said...

That I did not know. But it would not last in the trunk of my car someone I know would drink it.

Jenime said...

Lol, that's hysterical! Love the tequila even more! Especially when my gf drinks it, cuz she goes wild!