Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mulberry Street

Today I saw a man in his yard with a house vaccume cleaner vaccuming his yard. He had it turned on and was vaccuming his grass. I don't know if he was trying to suck up the leaves or the pine needles but it was an intersting to see him out there vaccuming the grass.

This kind of reminded me of my favorite poet. I know that most people do not feel this way about Dr. Seuss. Just read Green Eggs and Ham, or A B C and you will see what I mean. He has a way with words. If I had to choose between Dr. Seuss or Ogden Nash I would have a hard time. Ogden Nash is another favorite poet of mine.

Anyway, when I lived in Springfield MA. I found Mulberry Street, the street that Dr Seuss wrote about and I think lived on when he was a kid. When I saw this man vaccuming his yard I thought about what I saw on Mulberry Street. I have not read that book in a long time.


dykewife said...

custard the dragon...that was one of boy's favourite story books :)

Nulaanne said...

I have not meet a Dr. Seuss that I have not liked.

Nulaanne said...
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