Friday, March 13, 2009

Equaliy Day

Yesterday was Equality Day here at the state capital. I went and had a blast.

My day started at 4:40am very early I know, but I had to get up and read blogs before I started to get ready. Then I remembered that to show a untied front green was the color of choice. Well, me being me the only green that I had was a scrub top that does not fit and a coat. So I headed over to that nasty little store called W*mart. There I found a green shirt in the men's department. It was one of the few that did not have a St. Paddy's Day logo on it.

Came home and Honey called when I was getting changed so we talked while she drove into work. That was a better start to the day. On the way to the Capital Campus I had to stop and have my TB test read.

When I got to the meeting place I was surprised to see only about 20 or so people. But this was registration for the information on how to meet and talk to the Senators and Representatives. Then a walk across the grounds to one of the office buildings to where we were to learn how to talk to these people and how we were going to organize. One of the things that was passes out to us was a sheet broken down by district and how they voted. If your district had people who voted yes we were to thank them and ask any questions that we had.

So District 22 all found each other and we then went to lunch at a place called Marconi's. I recommend it if you want a sub and are ever in Olympia. After lunch it was back to the capital dome for the rally.

There were at least 1,ooo people there. It was great fun of course the way the speaker system was set up and where our group was standing I could only hear about one out of ten words on the speeches. But it was a beautiful fun day.

After the speeches it was time to go and meet the lawmakers. We had a 1:30 appointment with Senator Karen Fraser. She was on the floor for a vote and could not see us but we did speak with her intern and she said that she would pass the message along for us. From there we went to meet our Representatives for the House. Now, the house has yet to vote on the bill and they are not sure when it is going to get to them, just sometime in the next few weeks.

We meet with Rep. Sam Hunt he came off the floor to say hi. I think what impressed him about our group is that we had some high school students with us. It was a short meeting as he had to get back out on the floor.

Rep Brendan Williams was also on the floor and could not meet with us so we meet with someone from his office gave him a note of thanks. From there I went over to Stonewall Youth.

At Stonewall Youth I meet a bunch of great young people who were all interested in the vote, marriage and what was to happen after marriage became possible in the state. A long exhausting day but fun.

I do have some pics that I will post at a later date.

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