Friday, March 27, 2009

I have a goal

I have a goal and to make sure that I achieve my goal I have a reward setup at the end of my goal. I want to loose 30 pounds. When I reach that goal I am going to either get a new tattoo or new speakers for my car.

I currently have one tattoo and I have one speaker in my car. The speakers will cost a lot more that the tattoo so I am leaning toward the tattoo. Though it would be good to be able to hear the music in my car and not just some of the noise. First I have to loose the weight and that will be the hard part.

I do like to ride my bike if I had one that fit me. Mine is to short and so I always feel funny on it. Walking is ok but I do so much of that at work. Then there is my big red ball, I love my big red ball. Crunches are so fun on it. I know that crunches won't help with weight loss but they are to me anyway enjoyable.

So for the next few weeks on Tuesdays when I am at work I will weigh myself. The reason I am going to do it there is the scales and I will be wearing the same weight clothes at work all of the time. I will have to watch what I eat, though I am not a big eater it is more the getting out and doing things.

As far as a gym goes I would love to go to one. However, the only one open all night wants a contract signed I would rather it were a pay as used facility. I know at 1am there are no classes but I am not into classes anyway. I am always one step off and feel like a dork.

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