Saturday, March 28, 2009

Goal Started

I have taken the first steps on my goal to loose wight. Last night I did what anyone should do when starting a wright loss program. First I took a long hot bath hoping, that like boiling a chicken I could leak some fat out that why. Then just in case that did not work I shaved my legs and underarms. I think that might take an ounce or two off.

Actually, I am going to clean out my kitchen today. I am going to go through all the cupboards, and the drawers and get rid of anything that I should not have. Including things like spices that are outdated. The sad thing is that I am going to have to make a list of what I need to replace. It is not a long process to do it is just messy.

Next week it will be the bathroom. I don't have any idea of what is under the sink in there and I am not even sure I want to look. I think there might be something living under there, my mouth wash and powder gave birth to something that lives. It is not exactly that bad but it has been 6 months that I have cleaned it out.


Jennie said...

cheering you on! i gave up smoking started day 11 at 5pm. yup...still counting.

you go girl

Nulaanne said...

Oh Jennie, that is great news. I know that it is hard to quit but you will find it well worth it. I knew of a man who quit smoking and saved all of his cigg money. With in 6 months he had saved for a cruse. That is not to mention the health benifits.