Monday, March 23, 2009

Internet Site Changes and My Laptop AGAIN

There are some sites that are better for change and others that are not. Then there are some that change things to make them better, but they take things away that I think should have stayed.

I love posting on Blog spot it is easy and most of the time I do not mess things up. I have noticed a change that I am not to happy with, and that is the Followers section. It use to be that when I clicked on a name of a follower if there was a blog associated with that person I could link to them and read who is reading me, and I love to read who is reading my blog. On this new format I have noticed that is not always the case. I got a new follower on Sunday and the name is very familiar to me. However, half the time I am on line I am not quite awake.

So if you are so inclined and are following me and you want me to be able to read who you are put a link in the comments for me. I would love to read who you are, and if I know who you are and happen to be just to tired to think or remember put it up anyway so that when I do wake up I can feel like a complete dork.

I have to take my computer back to the repair place again. Last time it was just because they forgot to load my mouse driver like they said they would. This time I want them to fix my computer for free or give me my money back. I told the person when I took it in that it was running slow, and I new it needed more memory. I also told them that I was getting a blue screen that said I was having an error (no I don't remember what kind). Then it would run something called chkdsk. All of this happened with out me touching the bloody thing.

Well, on Saturday night I went to start it up I got the blue screen, then it started recovering files and now NOTHING. When I turn it on I just get "hit F1 or F2" and when I do that a bunch of stuff comes up and I have no idea what it is. So I want my $221 back, then I can put it toward a new computer.

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