Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday's and Where I have Been

So about my laptop. I took it back and showed the repair dpt exactly what happened, and what I had wanted done. It turns out that the man who checked my computer in was fired just after I had turned my computer in. The store manager said that my hard drive was shot and that what was done to it did not fix the problem. I felt like saying "DUUUHHH!!!" They are going to put in a new hard drive and it is going to cost me the price of the hard drive.

The House voted on the Domestic Partner expansion bill and I have not yet heard the results but I have been looking.

Stolen from Tina because it is fun.

Bold the states you've been to, underline where you have lived and italicise the one that you live in now: I can't figure out how to underline so for the states that I have lived in I am going to change the color of the text.

Alabama/ Alaska/ Arizona/ Arkansas/ California/ Colorado/ Connecticut/ Delaware/ Florida/ Georgia/ Hawaii/ Idaho/ Illinois/ Indiana/ Iowa/ Kansas/ Kentucky/ Louisiana/ Maine/ Maryland/ Massachusetts/ Michigan/ Minnesota/ Missouri/Montana/Nebraska/Nevada/ New Hampshire/ New Jersey/ New Mexico/ New York/ North Carolina/ North Dakota/ Ohio/ Oklahoma/ Oregon/ Pennsylvania/ Rhode Island/ South Carolina/ South Dakota/ Tennessee/ Texas/ Utah/ Vermont/ Virgina/ Washington/ West Virgina/ Wisconsin/ Wyoming/ Washington D.C

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